Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review : She's Out Of My League

Dated Released : 12 March 2010

Info :

IMDb Rating : 6.5 (42,382 users)

Starring : Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, T.J. Miller

Genre : Comedy | Romance

She's out of my league is a Comedy,Romance movie that can't easily to forget it's because the love story is natural. It's start with Kirk a hard 5 guy, (that's from his friend valuation) ended up with Molly a hard 10 girl. They met in the airport where Kirk work as a TSA. The love story begun when Molly forget her iphone in the airport security and then she told Kirk to hold her phone and give him in the warhol museum where she work as a event planner while the party was running molly sister accidentally spilled water into the museum directur so as apologize for her sister mistake molly ask Kirk on a date so the love story is begun between Molly and Kirk after their first date. So i just can say epic "Comedy, Romance movie" and the most movie i can't easily forget
It is possible if a hard 10 girl go for a hard 5 guy ?

Don't forget to watch it. If you need the download link just comment in below post :D

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